Mobilize story

It was 2012, fam trip to Hawaii when this journey started. To this day I am unsure the brand but the imagery, street style, and pride of a particular shirt is what caught my eye. It read “Chiefin” across the back shoulders. 

Growing up I struggled with identity, growing up in a world with a broken educational system, residential school trauma leading to loss of culture, and a world full of ignorance. I was always different, I tried to belong. I never would. Now, I never want to. 

“Chiefin” with that shirt, I created my first ever custom jean jacket, and along with my oldest daughter the Jean jacket crew was established. 

In adulthood, I began to study and read of my indigenous history and indigenous history of these lands and I began to love my forming identity. This love of self and a love for fashion began to come together. As Cree people we have always represented ourselves uniquely; if you study the archives you can see how stunning this fashion truly is. 

With mobilize I hope to be able to create a street style which represents the indigenous and becomes a brand the youth can be proud to wear. 

Crash the system. 

For the people.

For the culture.